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It has been some time since we last wrote about our experiences here at Rosebank, but we have got through our first few weeks and have just had our first emptyPhotography by Angus Forbes night. We didn’t expect to have that in June, but it appears many of the other places in Blairgowrie are also not full at the moment and it would be easy to spend far too much time trying to figure out the whys and wherefores of travellers’ whims.

On the other hand we have had several full nights with our maximum so far being eleven for breakfast.

Busy, busy has been the theme with the constant ironing being the main feature. When one guest was shocked that we ironed everything, there was a momentary temptation …. But no. We are however looking at whether to send out the laundry on occasion.  King size duvets are all very well, but ironing the covers is a nightmare, and once you have started to go awry, it is almost impossible to get back on track.  The errors have been ironed in.

Our guests have been predominantly from abroad. Not many from the UK with one pair of lady golfers noting that all their friends go to Spain and France for their golf rather than Scotland. We have had our share of bikers from Germany and Holland – great guests. And a remarkable number of people who are travelling without a word of English. We can do a bit of French, (better after a glass of wine), but German and Spanish are beyond us.

Complaints thankfully have been few, though one French lady refused to accept a room with a basin insisting it had to be in the en suite. We think we have sorted the wifi now, though in a house this size we needed a booster and may yet need another to get through the thick Victorian walls. We look forward to BT putting Infinity into the area, which we have been promised will happen within the next month.

Breakfasts have been well received with a reasonable number going for a taster of the haggis. Most popular so far seems to be the rhubarb and strawberry compote.  I don’t know who David Lebovitz is, but his recipe is here.  Luckily, since the Rosebank rhubarb is pathetic, we have a neighbour who doesn’t like the stuff and seems delighted we are removing it from her garden.

We have now almost completely changed the Rosebank bed linen and in the midst of a myriad of trips to the recycling centre, have managed to get rid of three single beds and a couple of double/king mattresses. We will change more as time passes but our mantra when we arrived was that a bed and breakfast needs to get the beds and breakfasts right above all else, so we have concentrated our efforts there.

The garden here is very large and we have done little so far apart from enjoy the different blooms as they appear. We are not good on names and there is much work to be done to cut many of the plants back since they are all fighting rather than complementing each other. But we have discovered that we have a handkerchief tree, or so our horticultural guests told us the other day. They took lots of photographs before leaving so we presume it is quite an exciting thing.

We are learning to accept that booking.com takes a hefty commission, but are also working on ways that we might be able to drive more traffic to our website and our own online booking system at http://www.freetobook.co.uk.  But so far our reviews have been good – some here and our tripadvisor ones can be seen here.